Personal Cooking Shows

A Fun & Free Cooking Demonstration

Enjoy an easy personal in-home cooking and nutrition demonstration or enjoy it virtually via Zoom.

What is on the menu? To make sure that we choose a menu that interests you and your family, choose our famous “unfried” chicken or a veggie lasagna.

  • Delicious golden fried chicken prepared with no skin or added oil; vegetable medley; potatoes; a freshly cut salad; and our world-famous veggie cake.
  • OR learn to make a veggie lasagna, freshly cut salad, and our world-famous veggie cake. 
  • Recipes can be adjusted to meet dietary needs upon request.

For our virtual cooking demonstrations, we often use videos showing food preparation and cooking. 

Register now for your complimentary cooking show.
  • Learn how to save time and money cooking for your family using our Food Processor and cooking system.
  • Keep up to 93% of the nutrition in your food by cooking without water.
  • Learn how to cook meats and more without adding cooking oil.
What to expect from your cooking show:

Our Cooking Show is a fun and interactive way for us to connect with people and share our healthier methods of food preparation. You will enjoy a LIVE Cooking Presentation by a trained Saladmaster Cooking Coach, right from the comfort of your home at a scheduled time that works best for you, virtually or in your home.

Our Cooking Coaches will show you a flavorful nutrition-packed meal and will give you valuable information on how to cook healthy and retain nutrients in your food. All you need to do is have fun and participate! Virtual guests participate in two taste test demonstrations, replicating the simple steps at home.

How to prepare for your in-home cooking show:

Your cooking coach will need access to your sink and stove top. We will prepare a complete meal for you using our cookware, and we’ll bring all of the ingredients to prepare the meal. Dinner will be served on your plates. We’ll leave your kitchen as we found it, completely cleaning up after ourselves. And, we’ll leave the leftovers for you to enjoy later.

How to prepare for your virtual cooking show:

To make the most of your Virtual Cooking Show experience, you will want to have the following items available:

  • 1 medium to large size carrot 
  • Grater, a small plate and a 2 clear glasses
  • Baking Soda 
  • Your current cookware pieces (Use any cookware that works on stovetops; if you have multiple, please pull out all of the different types of the same size.)

You must have internet access as the Virtual Cooking Show is conducted via ZOOM (your Cooking Coach will provide you with a unique access code and password prior to your scheduled demonstration.)