Health & Wellness Classes

Nutrition Made Simple

FREE Health and Wellness education for your team.

Estherbrook offers free nutrition education programs for the community at no cost. Most people struggle to get more fiber, fruits and vegetables into their diets, so we provide recipes, tips and nutrition information to help your staff incorporate them more easily. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your company’s wellness program. It’s fun and interactive.

It’s the perfect amount of time—just 60-90 minutes. The presentation includes a discussion about nutrition, printed recipes, and food samples for attendees. We bring all of the food, equipment and printed materials. Our demonstration does not require electricity. At the end of the program, we ask for a short 3-5 minutes to let attendees know about Estherbrook in case they want to utilize any of our resources or have additional questions. This program has nothing to do with Saladmaster, but as we do use the food processor, people often ask about it. If there are questions, we refer them after class.

There is no cost or obligation.

To host a Wellness Program event:

  1. Schedule the event at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. Confirm at least 15 people in order to host the free class. Report final guest count 3 days prior to class.
  3. Promote the event using materials provided by the instructor
  4. Provide paper plates, utensils, and napkins
  5. Provide a dry erase board and markers if you have them.
We take your health and safety seriously.
  1. No Cooking Coach will come to you that has traveled to any COVID-19 infected country in the last 30 days. No one will come to you who has flu, colds or respiratory illnesses.
  2. The kitchen surfaces that will be used for the show will be cleaned and disinfected before and after use. The same will be done with all utensils that will be used.
  3. Our Cooking Coaches will maintain a respectable social distance from you during the show and will avoid handshakes and other physical contact.
  4. Handwashing will be done as frequently as needed throughout the presentation.